ACTIVE SOUL was created alongside the realisation that all too often Mums put everything else ahead of themselves – and while this has to happen sometimes – it is all too easy to loose sight of themselves and their own needs.

Being a Mum can be a juggling act but we have an empathetic and special way of reminding all of the Mums we work with that in taking time for themselves, rebuilding fitness from the inside out and enjoying a workout, they will be better equipped to deal with everyday life both physically and emotionally.

Active Soul sessions are programmed to cater specifically for your individual needs, taking into consideration that you have given birth we aim to work alongside Women’s Health Physio’s to ensure we know what’s happening on the inside also. We work to look after your Pelvic Floor, assess for abdominal separation and retrain muscles that may have been relaxed for some time. Our specific way of training encourages the knitting back together of abdominal muscles, strengthening important postural muscles and stretching out tight muscles. Add this to our cardiovascular and resistance exercises and you have a fantastic well rounded post natal workout.

We cater to all fitness levels, so whether you are 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years postpartum, we will make sure you enjoy a challenging workout with us that leaves you with a sense of achievement.

We believe our sessions help restore balance to your life, which will result in improved wellness and general health, increased energy, reduced stress, greater strength and core stability – all enabling you to do your job – whatever that may be – better.

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