It actually struck me last night, mid length of the pool, that it is only in daring to DO different that we can hope for difference!

After all, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got – isn’t that the saying?

Our Swim Fit classes are somewhat random in all the best ways. With a genius coach who thinks outside the square, challenges our bodies and our thinking, encouraging us to trust the process, get out of our comfort zone, tune in with our bodies and work hard in ways you wouldn’t expect. It would be easy for her to programme length after length of strokes we already know how to do but why do that, when you can experiment with backwards freestyle, single arm back stroke, chicken wings, sponge drags and so much more.

As people we have a tendency to speculate against and resist anything that doesn’t fit the ‘norm’ BUT if you can get outside your own head, let yourself go in the moment – we can learn from it! If we stop thinking and start doing. Stop worrying and start actioning. Stop running through the ‘what if’s and just be present in the moment.. we can grow, change and develop. For the better.

My theme for the challenge was ‘Dare to Do different’. A realisation that I needed to listen to my body and what it needs, choose to do things purposefully, move with intent and be more present in the moment in order to achieve a better balance in my life.

Changes to my month have been somewhat subtle, but my restlessness at not springing into action, my unease at leaving things unplanned and actually stopping to ‘feel’ what is the right thing for me at this point.. has all been a learning curve and one that is certainly a work in progress.

Have I dared to DO different this month?

I have swapped out high intensity exercise for walks and yoga. I’ve created space and allowed for unplanned mornings to evolve as they like depending on how I feel. My days are still full, but I’m much more present in the moment; through conversations, everyday life and activities.

Do I feel better for it? Not really! Years of cramming life to the max is going to take more than just a month to unfold. But I’m determined.

I know, that like the drills in the pool, what may seem like a pointless exercise, actually develops a skill and a mindset and leads to bigger and better things. There is method to the madness and while it may not be blindly obvious initially, with practice and then putting that into context, you start to see the bigger picture.

It’s worth it. Because in that moment, when you catch yourself in the moment, you realize you are truly living.

Go forth and conquer girls, you’ve got this.