I’m not going to lie – there were tears!

By October 31, 2019 Updates

I’m not going to lie – there were tears. Way more than I expected!

It crept up on me, starting with a sinking heart, slightly nauseous feeling and moved to full blown tears as I hugged G and let her go.

I spend a lot  of time talking to Mums, encouraging them to do exactly this.  Take a step back, have time for yourself, do ‘you’ in order to do ‘them’ better.  After all, a happy Mum = a happy bub. But when I actually found myself in these shoes, it was much harder than I thought. I had a taster the first day back at work, I felt it again when I went away for a weekend with my partner.. but 10 days flying solo in a different country was a totally different story.

I stand by what I’ve always said though.  It is good for everyone concerned.

  • The kids get to experience new things with new people, they build resilience, they adapt, have fun and do all the things they usually would do without you – and will be there (and still love you) when you get back.
  • The dads? Even better. They get a greater insight into your day and form a closer bond with their own children as a result.  It is a win win scenario.
  • And you? Well this is where I believe a little of the magic happens.  It’s amazing how a little space and time away from everyday life and it’s pressures gives you a window back to the ‘pre-children you’ and with that an opportunity to check in with where you are at, reconnect and recharge!

So why, at that moment when you turn your back and walk out of the door doesn’t it feel that way? Because you are their person. The one who gets it and who makes it all better.  But guess what? If you’re not there, someone else will do this for them and they will be absolutely fine.  And lets be fair, as they grow bigger and face life and all it’s challenges; you can’t always be there to hold their hand.

Did I miss her? 100%.

Did I think of her and wonder what she was doing and what I was missing? Absolutely.

Did I come back refreshed, energised and ready for early morning snuggles and toddler tandrums.. you betcha! Because as much as I love that time out to reset and connect back in with myself; I love my family and wouldn’t have it any other way!