The life cycle of an active soul.

By January 31, 2019 Updates

I joked about adding ‘Fertility Specialist’ to my business card when I first started Active Soul as it felt like I had clients dropping off left, right and centre to have babies.  In reflection, a lot of my client base were of the age where they were thinking of starting a family (or adding to their existing ones) and were leading a healthy lifestyle, so it absolutely made sense.

It wasn’t until I received a message from a potential client (8 months pregnant at the time) requesting a class she could join alongside some of her mates who already had little bubbas, that I even contemplated training Mums with their little ones alongside. And so the ‘Mums and Bubs’ sessions were created!

New Mums start with me on the first steps of their post baby fitness journey, taking time to build their strength and fitness safely from the inside out.  I love seeing them progress alongside their bubbas who start as tiny tots in a capsule and end up chasing their Mummas up the hill before they know it.

From here, as Mums start to go back to work or schedules shift, we have a full timetable for Mums to get amongst and make the most of. Early riser 6 am sessions, evening classes and traveling all provide opportunities for Mums to get a workout in, challenging themselves that little bit further in a class that is faster paced and a higher intensity IF they are ready for it.

And so the concept of our Active Soul life cycle has come about.   Often, these same Mums continue with me through subsequent pregnancies for as long as they feel comfortable and then return to embark back on their post baby fitness journey once again, dipping into the other classes as and when it suits.  Fast forward nearly 10 years from where I started and I have Mums of all stages with children of all ages making the most of the Active Soul Life Cycle.. myself included!

Don’t get me wrong, I loose Mums along the way, but I like to think; “Once an Active Soul, always an Active Soul”.  I believe in empowering Mums, teaching them how to move safely, showing them how to prioritise their own health, fitness and wellbeing so if they do jump out of the cycle, they know exactly what they need to do to be the best version of themselves they possibly can be.

And for those that stay and ride the Active Soul life cycle for longer.. well it’s always fun and games along the way, regardless of what stage you are at on your journey.