Buggy Fit is the most flexible of all training sessions catering specifically to Mums and their babies.


Mums and Bubs ‘Buggy Fit’ classes with Active Soul provide Mums with the opportunity to feel fantastic, work up a sweat and meet other like minded Mums in an hour training session outdoors with their babies!

I speak to so many women who want to get back their post baby bodies and don’t know where or how to begin and I am passionate about helping mums through this process safely.

Our sessions are programmed to cater specifically to our Mums individual needs, taking into consideration that they have given birth we aim to work alongside Women’s Health Physio’s to ensure we know what’s happening on the inside also.

We work to look after their Pelvic Floor, assess for abdominal seperation and retrain muscles that may have been relaxed for some time. Our specific way of training encourages the knitting back together of abdominal muscles, strengthening important postural muscles and stretching out tight muscles. Add this to our cardiovascular and resistance exercises and you have a fantastic well rounded post natal workout.

We cater to all fitness levels and make sure they understand what’s going on with their bodies as well as ensuring they enjoy a challenging workout with us that leaves them with a sense of achievement. It is through this support, education and understanding that we offer, our Mums have the opportunity to become fitter, stronger than ever before – all while their little ones are being cared for by our onsite childcare.

We offer the following in our Mums and Bubs, Buggy FIt classes;
– We check for abdominal seperation
– Pelvic floor safe exercise
– We work closely with women’s health physios
– We work to YOUR fitness levels and step it up accordingly
– Experienced childcare
– Take time out for yourself
– Discover YOUR fit and strong post baby body


• Improved wellness & general health
• Optimal nutrition
• Increased energy & motivation
• Positive thinking
• Enhanced flexibility
• Reduce stress
• Greater muscle definition
• Increased strength
• Better core stability (balance, posture, back & abdominal strength)
• Improved self-confidence through your achievements

While there are already a couple of ‘Mums and Bubs’ groups running already that you are welcome to join, if you have a group of Mums ready to exercise, Active Soul will come to you at a time an location that suits your group.


Although not regularly scheduled, these sessions are some of my favorites and bring true meaning to the term Family Fit – bring your partners and children for a workout that is fun, varied and caters to all fitness levels.

The perfect opportunity to show your family how much you value an active lifestyle and have fun together doing it!

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