The post baby fitness journey is one that requires patience, putting expectations and comparisons aside, hitting the reset button and allowing time to rebuild strength and fitness from the inside out.

Flash back to this photo in 2012 and I was running the KeriKeri half marathon with burpees at every KM, feeling the fittest I ever have.  It hasn’t always felt this way and I can tell you I am far from it at the present moment.

I firmly believe everyone’s fitness journey is varied depending on where they are in life, their goals and priorities at the time. It is fluid and ever changing as we change.

My fitness journey is a prime example;

  • I discovered running while living in London, trying to find a healthier way of living.
  • It was in Sydney that I found an outdoor fitness business purely for women as I attempted to find my place in a new community.
  • I found strength in CrossFit, not just to lift a bar but to cope with a broken relationship and everything else that got thrown at me through everyday life.
  • I dabbled in yoga and pilates when I needed to find calm and a clearer focus and toned everything down yet again when I knew I wanted to fall pregnant, listening to my body through pregnancy and now beyond.

Fast forward to 8 months post partum and I’m starting to find my feet again on my fitness journey.  Any expectations I had of where I thought I would be by now have been reset and I try my hardest not to compare run times, physical strength or body image to my pre- baby body and what it was capable of doing.

Where am I at presently in my ever changing fitness journey you might ask?

I’m loving being on the inside of the Active Soul tribe; making full use of having a specialised post natal exercise business and incredible post natal qualified trainer at my finger tips and I’m trying hard to follow the advice of my WHP to ensure my road to getting fitter and stronger is a smooth one.

Being careful to train to my weaknesses, to slow down and listen to my body and not rush back into things too soon post C-section, I have consciously taken time each day to do my core breath work properly and allow my body to heal and recover from pregnancy.  This part of my fitness journey feels slow going but it’s fair to say I’m smelling the roses along the way with a little sidekick alongside and time to exercise prioritised and scheduled when and where I can.

So I take it one day at a time, with a shift in focus and intent, loving the head space and the feeling of getting back that little bit of me with each workout, building strength and speed each week.

That crazy girl from years ago is still there, watch out for her because there’s a heel click and a burpee waiting to break out at any given opportunity!


Points to note;

  • We recommend Juliet and the amazing team of Women’s Health Physios at Plus One Wellbeing for a full post natal check prior to starting back on any exercise post pregnancy.  
  • We work closely with WHPs and offer a ‘Safe Return to Exercise’ in all of our Active Soul classes but pay particular attention to core breathwork, mobilisers, stretches and any contraindications to exercise post pregnancy in our Mums and Bubs classes, adjusting exercises according to the individual and their needs. 
  • All Active Soul trainers have international qualifications in both Pregnancy and Post Natal Exercise through Burrell Education and / or Jen Dugard’s SRE.  Something we recommend checking if training elsewhere.