SwimFit is just another way Active Soul can provide a holistic approach to your health, fitness and wellbeing.

We realise the importance of a balanced lifestyle and want you to be active in all areas of your life. SwimFit is our newest addition to the Active Soul reportoire and was designed to get you fitter, faster and stronger in the water.

The hour session starts off with tips and techniques in the pool with a swim coach to improve a variety of strokes and is followed by drills and lengths to consolidate and practice skills learnt.

Specifically designed to increase cardiovascular fitness, improve technique, gain strength and tone the body this class has become a firm favourite on the timetable.

As with all of our classes, SwimFit is a women only class with women coaches. We cater to all fitness levels and have two classes to cater for both Beginner swimmers (comfortable in the water but may not be able to swim a length) and Intermediate (confident in the water and able to swim a length in 1 or more strokes)

It is hard putting yourself out of your comfort zone, taking the leap to do something you’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid to, prioritising yourself over other family members / jobs or even an early night BUT I can tell you this; it is worth it.

To ensure we deliver the best quality coaching and each person gets the attention they need, we cap all of our Active Soul classes and SwimFit is no different. Due to the popularity of these classes, registrations of interest are taken on a ‘first in first served basis’.

Click here to register your interest for the next SwimFit intake.


– headspace as you churn through the lengths,
– the challenge of learning a new skill,
– a great way to increase cardiovascular fitness / lung capacity,
– a great addition to our land based exercise options
– improves confidence in the water,
– low impact on joints and great active recovery for muscles…

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