Outdoor Fit is a medium intensity 60-minute interval style session that incorporates walking / running, toning and strength exercises in the park, interspersed with bursts of cardio, followed by core work and completed with a stretching routine.

Sessions are varied each week so you never know quite what to expect, although you are always guaranteed a full body workout that is challenging, creative and suited to your fitness level- whatever that may be!

Group sizes are deliberately kept small, which enables sessions to be personalised to the individuals needs and ensures correct techniques are applied to each exercise.



A medium impact 60-minute boxing focused workout that combines boxing drills with reistance exercises and cardio training. Some core work is completed along with a stretching routine to finish.

Training sessions are structured, varied and cater to different fitness levels, providing a whole body workout as well as incorporating various aspects of fitness such as; Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Endurance and Strength, Stamina, Co-ordination and Power.



• Improved wellness & general health
• Optimal nutrition
• Increased energy & motivation
• Positive thinking
• Enhanced flexibility
• Reduce stress
• Greater muscle definition
• Increased strength
• Better core stability (balance, posture, back & abdominal strength)
• Improved self-confidence through your achievements