Who is looking after our new mums?

By August 4, 2017Updates

This is a subject I am passionate about and I want to know…

Who is looking after our new mums?

I was always told as a trainer to wait until Mums had had their 6 week check to ensure they were ready to return to exercise. Sounds like an easy enough benchmark but it is not that straight forward.

I have to put my hand up here and say it’s only recently; since my ‘Safe Return to Exercise’ Course last year in fact, that I have a better understanding of what checks Mums SHOULD go through before even thinking about exercise, let alone launching back into it!

My impression (from many conversations with Mums over the years) of our 6 week check here in New Zealand is that the focus is on the baby, and please correct me on this if I’m wrong!
This obviously should play a big part HOWEVER, why is no one checking our Mums for abdominal separation, referring them to a WHP to accurately assess Pelvic floor function, opening conversations about Post Natal Depression and explaining contraindications of exercise to ensure our Mums are safe and looked after!

I now ask all clients these questions, offer a monthly ‘Return to Exercise Safely’ course through the Onewa Parents Centre that covers all of the above and work with the amazing team of Women’s Health Physios at Plus One Wellbeing, raving and referring any Mum their way for a full post natal check if I think it’s needed.

We need our Mums to be happy, healthy and looked after so that are babies are also!